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    How to install Logitech QuickCam on Windows 7 (seven)

    1) To install QuickCam Software Driver on Vista First download Logitech drivers

    -Install WinRAR if not already installed yet.Open the setup installer qc848enu.exe and qc1051enu.exe folder and unpack its contents to a folder. Alternatively, right click on qc848enu.exe and qc1051enu.exe and select “Extract to qc848enu\” and “Extract to qc1051enu\” option.

    2) Then plug in your QuickCam and vista will try but not be able to install the drivers.This action is necessary because now QuickCam will show up in the Hardware Manager as an Unknown device.

    3) Now go to Hardware manager and click on Imaging device or Unknown device in the list and
    select update drivers.

    4) Point it to the unpacked qc848enu driver and /find the driverfolder/then the Win New
    folder/then the IM folder and click OK.

    You can find the link at


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